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.....We hope everyone has a safe, peaceful and relaxing break ....See you on Tuesday 22nd April.....

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Sports Relief Update

So after all the sporting events our students (and staff) came up with, organised and took part in, so far we have raised over 800 for Sport Relief.

Well done to all the walkers, runners, swimmers, bike riders, football players and others who donated their time and effort to raise money, and thanks also to those who sponsored them.

Ofsted Update


As shown in our weekly newsletter, please see the monitoring report undertaken by Ofsted in February by selecting it from our download page or by clicking here. Please also find an article about the school and our journey written by the Bucks Free Press newspaper by clicking here.

National Association for Decorative and Fine Art Societies

We would like to thank the GERRARDS CROSS DFAS YOUNG ARTS for their kind donation of 200 to the art department.


Gerrards Dross DFAS Young Arts is a branch of the National Association for Decorative and Fine Art Societies (  

The money will fund four workshops delivered by the local artist Ruby Sharp. Ruby is a profoundly deaf ceramicist and will be working with many students. The aim of these workshops is assist the students to develop their current work on the sculptor Henry Moore. The work will also encompass African sculpture and culture.

Look out for pictures of the finished sculptures in weeks to come!!

Young Enterprise - DEAF i ANTS

Our Young Enterprise group, the DEAF i ANTS, are having a sale as they are trying to generate cash to buy new stock and materials.

They have unique, one-off hand made coil pots glazed with an unusual design suitable for flowers both wet and dry. The vases are 40cm high, 20cm wide at the top and the base is 15cm wide. Due to amount of time it takes to create such a large coil pot, this product is for order only . The glaze design and colour can also be pre ordered. Price: 50.00 (see photos).

Also for sale are ceramic faces to order as bisque fired (no glaze) or the colour of your choice - royal blue, yellow, black, pink, sky blue, orange, green or multi coloured. Pricing: unglazed 7.00, glazed 8 .00.

The company have a range of other ceramic products such as Easter egg shells, small ceramic baskets, candle sticks, and heart boxes. The products are made on site by the Young  Enterprise. Please contact Helen Brett, link teacher, for any further information or to view the products.

Healthy Tuck Shop



As part of their studies and putting many cross-curricular aspects into practice, our Year 10 and 11 students will be running a healthy tuck shop at break times each Thursday morning.

Items that will be sold and how much items cost so that customers can bring money can be seen by clicking here.


RALLI - Raising Awareness Of Language Learning Impairment


Some of you may have heard of the RALLI Raising Awareness of Language Learning Impairment Campaign.  It was started by groups representing parents, teachers, charities and academics concerned with language impairment.  The campaign aims to raise awareness in the general population and in schools about pupils who have SLI (Specific Language Impairment).

Their view is that SLI is more common than ASD or dyslexia but gets less recognition and funding. At Penn School, many of our pupils have SLI (sometimes with a co-existing condition).

 There is some useful information on the RALLI web-site including videos on their You-tube channel. You can read their newsletter, which includes links to their resources, by clicking here.

Chickens At Penn - Donations For Building Materials

As part of their BTEC  Edexcel land management studies, some of our 6th Form are going to build a chicken coop and then look after some chickens (and maybe in the future some goats as well).

They will have to design the coop so that it is fox-proof but still accessible and has enough space for the chickens to run freely and safely in the day.

If anyone has any building materials that they could donate to us for this area of study, please could you contact the school on 01494 812139 and ask to speak to Charlie Johnson.

We are looking for wood, screws, nails, chicken wire, paint, wood preservative and so on. Many thanks.

Children In Need 2013

As part of our Children in Need fund raising, there were many activities taking place in and around the school.

We started off with a fancy dress cross country sponsored run around the school and we saw a variety of Superheroes, other characters and some students who seemed to have forgotten to get dressed as they have turned up in their onesies and pyjamas!

Other sponsored sporting activities such as static bike riding, trampoline bounces, and penalty shoot-outs.

There were sponsored food based activities.

We have raised over 955, the lower school raised 45, and 6th form a magnificent 910 Special mention to Luke who did a sponsored silence, which was very difficult for him, and raised 64 in doing so.

Fireworks, A Big (Bang) Thank-You

The rain stayed away (mostly) and the display was the best yet!

Many thanks to those who turned up to support the fireworks and help make it one of the best fundraisers ever.

And very special thanks to the organisers, chefs, stewards, sponsors and donors for all their time and effort.

We look forward to the extravaganza in 2014.

Royal Academy of Art - Student Artwork on Display

Several of our Art students have been working very hard in different mediums as part of the Australia Exhibition taking place at the Royal Academy of Arts.

The different pieces range from silk screen prints to drawings/collages and paintings on the theme of Ned Kelly.

The students' work has been posted on the RAA website and can be seen by clicking here.

Congratulations to them all for being selected to show their work.


Penn Apple Juice & Pear Juice For Sale

It is that time of year again ...

The students have been busy harvesting the apples and the pears from the orchard.

These have been pressed and bottled and are on sale for 2.60 per bottle.

Please click here to download and print the order form which you need to fill in and return to the school office with the money and/or cheque (made payable to The Friends Of Penn School).

With the proceeds, the Friends intend to purchase some horticultural tools and night vision cameras that we can use to look at the local animal activity in the school grounds. We are hoping to see muntjac, badgers, and foxes.

Please order as soon as possible - judging by the response to the last few years they go very quickly.

Thanks once again to the Friends of Penn School & Mrs Worley for setting this up.

Autumn Fayre & Dog Show, October 19th

Thank you to everyone who turned up and who organised the Fayre and dog show.

Just as the show opened, so did the sky but that did not stop the parade.

The proceeds for the day, to be shred with Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are still being counted.

Thanks once again for all the dogs, owners and organisers who made it to the show.

Examination & Qualification Results 2013

Last Summer saw us achieve our best ever set of examination and qualifications results.

Congratulations must go to all the students who gained qualifications in a wide range of subjects, many achieving multiple qualifications.

Last Summer was the first time we had run a number of GCSE Level courses in parallel to our BTEC, Entry Level and NVQ courses. We are delighted to say that those students who took GCSEs all passed.

Congratulations once again to all students (and staff) involved.

6th Form Leavers Prom & A 5th Form Inspiring Piece

Last week saw a happy and sad occasion.

It was happy because we held our 6th Form leavers prom, who all had a great time and dressed up in some brilliant gowns and suits despite the very hot weather.

But it was also a little sad because another group of students are leaving us to go on to the next phase of their education and/or work life.

We wish them all the success, health and happiness in the World and don't forget to keep in touch to let us know how you are getting on. And we hope that waiting for their GCSE and other qualification results is not too stressful - we are sure they did really well.

And one of our other leavers from the 5th form who is going to college has written an inspiring piece for all other students present and future (and in fact everyone, student or adult). Click here to read it.

Penn's Got Talent, 1:30pm, July 23rd 2013

Another fabulous show!

Congratulations to all the students (and the brave member of staff) who took part in Penn's Got Talent.

After our school barbecue for lunch and the hot and humid weather, there was a chance that the students wouldn't be able to perform to their very best. But they overcame these obstacles and turned in an excellent afternoon's entertainment.

Thanks to everyone for taking part, and special thanks to the Judges for their positive comments and encouragement.

A DVD will be available after we return in September.

More 6th Form Animated Films

So two more of our 6th Formers have shown that they are also budding film creators.

Using some everyday objects and a lot of imagination, time and patience they created this short stop-animation story.

Aardman Productions (of Wallace & Grommit fame) watch out! You have some serious competition.

Please click here to watch or download from here

PEPA Day, Saturday July 6th 2013

PEPA Day took place inglorious weather on Saturday.

The attendance was good and it was lovely to see students past and present.

Photographs will follow soon.

All funds raised are used in projects to help the students.


6th Form Animated Films

Some of our 6th Form students attended a taster day at Uxbridge College where they could try a variety of different things including cooking, art and stop animation film making.

The results of their film making efforts can be seen by clicking here or downloaded from here.

We are told by the students the characters in the film are not based on anyone in the school!

Weekend of May 11th & 12th, Art Exhibition

Many thanks to all those who came along and supported the Art exhibition.

There was a diverse range of exhibitors and some fantastic pieces on display for visitors to see.

Thanks also to the Friends for organising this event.

Wednesday 27th March - 6th Form Open Evening

Many thanks to all our visitors, guests and partners who came to our 6th form open evening.

We hope that you all found it an informative evening.

If you require any further information, please call the school on 01494 812139 or email us -

Thanks once again.

Sensory Garden & Avenue Opening

On Wednesday 20th March we had our Sensory Garden opened. On cutting the ribbon duty were Nigel Timpson, founder member of the Wooden Spoon charity, Rob Henderson, Rugby Union Star currently playing for Esher and previously London Irish, London Wasps, Leinster, Munster, Toulon, Ireland (32 caps) and the British Lions, and Councillor Mrs Wendy Mallen, Chairman of Wycombe District Council.

Wooden Spoon provided funding, in conjunction with Penn & Tylers Green Village Community and Friends of Penn School.

Wooden Spoon undertake many fund raising events, in partnership with all the Rugby Union Federations, to fund  projects to make a positive impact on the lives of disadvantaged children in the UK to provide a richer and fuller life. Full details of Wooden Spoon can be found at

We would like to thank everyone sincerely for helping us with our project that provides an invaluable resource for our students and enables them to have a variety of stimulii as part of their sensory integration programs to assist with learning.

We would also like to thank everyone else - parents, local residents, Wooden Spoon patrons - who attended the grand opening.

Red Nose Week - All Our Efforts Raised 462.79

Our 6th Form had fund raising activities all week, and the rest of the school joined them towards the end of the week.

We have raised over an amazing 462.79.

Comic Relief Charity will receive 272.79 and the local Homeless Shelter for which 6th Former undertook specific activities raised 190.  Well done to everyone and thanks.

6th Form Arts & Crafts Items For Sale

Some of our 6th Form students have been very busy making a variety of items in the Design & Technology lessons. They then showed off their ICT skills by making their own website to show what they have for sale and then their money and customer service skills by selling them.

You can see a small selection of the items by clicking here and more items will be added to their website as they get created.

Should you wish to buy anything, please contact the school on 01494 812139 and ask to speak to Holden Rowan

Food Safety Inspection Results

We had a surprise and un-announced spot check by Wycombe District Council Environmental Services on January 11th 2013 checking our food hygiene and safety procedures and compliance against the National Food Hygiene Rating Scheme. The maximum possible rating is 5 out of 5, and we got .... 5 out of 5.

In approximately 2 to 4 weeks you will be able to read the full report at

Congratulations to our domestic staff who obviously undertake best demonstrated practice for our students and staff. Well done.


Paralympics Torch Relay

One of our students, was selected to be a torch carrier in the torch relay for the Paralympic Games.

He carried the lit Torch on Wednesday, August 29th along Lancaster Place by the Strand and Somerset House

More pictures and recollections of the day will be published soon and well done.

Care & Residential Awarded Outstanding Grade By Ofsted

On October 4th to October 6th 2011 we had an Ofsted inspection of our boarding and care provision. We achieved an outstanding grade across the board.

Overall Effectiveness Outstanding
Outcomes for residential pupils Outstanding
Quality of residential provision and care Outstanding
Residential Pupils' Safety Outstanding
Leadership and Management of residential provision Outstanding

This is a fantastic achievement and follows on from the outstanding grade awarded to the Post 16 department this time last year. Congratulations to all the students and staff involved.

A copy of the full report can be seen by clicking here (or from our Downloads page) or alternatively from the Ofsted website directly by clicking here.

Penn Students In The Press 2011

Each month the First News national newspaper, a publication for  and about students aged 7-14, prints a piece written by a Penn student about themselves,  their special needs and how it affects their lives and how they manage them.

For the Christmas edition the author is Lucy. Read her story here.

You can read all the previous stories.

Anne-Marie Lissi Mattie
Jenny Cheyenne Scarlett
Emma Adam Anthony

Albert Hall Refrieze Project 2011

The Royal Albert Hall (RAH) is 140 years old this year. To commemorate this students from Penn and other schools have submitted artwork to an RAH project to create contemporary versions of the Victorian mosaic frieze that circles the exterior of the building. Our students' work can be viewed on the Refrieze website by clicking on the pages below.



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